Wedding planning is not easy due to all the various tasks and deadlines to manage. To help, here is a wedding cheat sheet that lays out all the deadlines.

Given the average cost of a wedding these days, it makes sense to limit your guest list if possible. Here are some tips to do this without hurting feelings.

80% of brides opt to change their last name to that of the groom’s, but it’s not easy. Here is some advice to help make this process as smooth as possible.

Most destination weddings take place in warm locales, and as such traditional formal wedding guest attire may not fit the bill. Here are some expert tips…

One of the great things about weddings is that they are truly mired in tradition. But, did you ever wonder where & why some of these traditions originated?

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It goes without saying that getting married is one of the most joyous moments in life, but if you want to make it an affair to remember for everyone involved, you’ll want to avoid making any of the common gaffes that I’ve seen time and time again.

One of the most important parts of any wedding reception is the entertainment – after all, it is a party, right? Heres’ how to find a great live band for your wedding reception!

I just read a story from USA Today that focuses on the average cost of a wedding these days. Surprise: the overall price tag of a wedding has gone down approximately $1,100 since 2008, but it still costs a whopping $26,989 on average (NOT including the honeymoon). Where are the biggest opportunities to save coin?

This is one of the more common questions I get asked from time to time – do brides really need to wear white on their wedding day?